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 Australia’s transition to mobile computing is changing the way we work and live our daily lives. 58% of the global workforce now regularly works away from the office, and 57% of employees are accessing corporate data on a personal smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, 60% of Australian households have three or more devices connected to their wi-fi networks.


In today’s environment, our place of work is no longer the typical office. It’s the local cafe, airport lounge, hotel room or our very own home. Likewise, the way we shop, exercise and socialise with family and friends has changed forever with the emergence of mobile technology.

It’s no surprise that the trend toward mobile computing is changing our attitudes and habits towards printing.

In this guide find out more about:

  • Australia’s rapid shift toward mobile devices
  • How mobile printing offers a competitive advantage
  • How wireless printing offers a modern solution to your home or office

This guide is for: 

People who are looking for the right mobile print solution for their team, or personal use:

  • Small business owners
  • The office manager or financial controller for larger organisations
  • Non-for-profit and other charity organisations
  • People who have an office at home – home office
  • Students