Is your business exposed to unnecessary risk?

Today, many businesses are putting sensitive information at risk and fostering an unproductive culture by using out-dated printing technology.

Tap n Go printing is a modern solution that integrates smart software with your printing devices to:

  • Reduce paper consumption by 10 per cent
  • Protect commercially sensitive and confidential information from prying eyes
  • Prevent a business stand-still when printers are down or being serviced
  • Provide staff with flexible options to print


This guide is for:

Business Owners, Managing Directors, Office Managers who are:

  • Concerned about confidential documents being left on the printer
  • Frustrated by staff wasting time because printers are being serviced or out of toner
  • Annoyed by wasting IT resources on unnecessary troubleshooting and administration

This guide will:

  • Expose the common document security mistakes of many businesses
  • Reveal how inefficient printing systems can waste up to 100 hours a year, per staff member
  • Demonstrate how modern printing technology can help your business boost productivity
  • Explain how modern printing technology will protect your business with document security


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