Did you know that printing costs account for up to four per cent of revenue for 90 per cent of Australian SMEs

For a business turning over $800,000 per annum, that’s $32,000 a year! [1] Fuji Xerox Printers Office Printing Habits Report 2014



If you’re involved in managing or purchasing printers for the office, it’s important to understand how you can keep printing costs under control.

This guide will teach you how to:

  • Determine who is printing what and how often so you can pinpoint unnecessary printing costs
  • Produce reports easily and regularly to provide a clear and accurate picture of printing activity
  • Introduce simple changes to your company’s print policy that can save the business money

Who is this guide for?

Anyone in charge of managing printing costs or usage in a SME, including:
  • Business owners
  • Office managers
  • Financial controllers