A Guide To Help SMEs Improve Office Efficiency & Reduce Printing Costs By 30%


mps_ebook_imageThe solution to understanding the true cost of printing and getting control is Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services (MPS) is a game-changing trend, enabling companies of all sizes to focus on the infrastructure costs associated with printing, while giving companies a clear line of sight into workgroup and departmental printing costs. A well-executed MPS solution can slash costs by over 30% and improve; environmental sustainability, risk mitigation, compliance, security and productivity.

This ebook is for; CEOs, CFOs, business owners and office managers who need to reduce unnecessary expense.  This ebook covers the following:

 Understand the true impact of ineffecient print managment on your business

  • Economic impact
  • Reduced productivity
  • Unaccountable supplies
  • Limited policies 
  • Excessive waste and privacy
  • Affect on IT

Discover how a Managed Print Solution can improve your business

  • Get control and learn how to manage your print costs
  • Reduce carbon foot print
  • Boost productivity
  • Free up valuable IT resources
  • Improve document security

Choosing The Right MPS Solution

  • Compare inhouse v's outsourced solutions
  • Learn about the benefits of outsourcing
  • Understand the difference of high value vs low price MPS solutions 

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