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You expect and demand the very best quality, performance and reliability from your device. So why would you risk all that by using bargain brand toner? Choosing non-genuine toners might save your company a few dollars today. Yet, the harmful effects they may have on your image quality – and even on the life of your equipment – could cost you a lot more than you ever imagined.

5 Reasons to buy Genuine Fuji Xerox toners

5 Myths of Non-Genuine Toners

Advanced technology to deliver outstanding results.

EA-Eco Toner Technology

The EA-Eco toner, a special toner that enables a lower fusing temperature – by more than 20% compared with conventional EA toner. With its viscosity sharply changing with temperature, EA-Eco toner achieves its minimum fusing temperature at 20 to 50% lower than conventional toner. As a result, it attains an appropriate gloss even on different paper types, such as less gloss on plain paper and higher gloss on glossy paper.

Conventional EA Toner vs EA-Eco Toner

Power Consumption

C02 Emissions

EA-Eco toner allows fusing to paper at a much lower temperature so you can save up to 20% power consumption and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35% compared to conventional Fuji Xerox toners.

Super EA-Eco Toner Technology

With the newly developed Super EA-Eco toner, EA-Eco toner’s property of changing sharply in viscosity in relation to temperature has been further enhanced, allowing it to melt even more quickly and thus reach sufficiently low viscosity even at lower temperatures. This has enabled the minimum fusing temperature of Super EA-Eco toner to be reduced by approximately 10% compared to EA-Eco toner, which contributes to reducing device power consumption. This was made possible by our newly developed sharp-melting polyester micro dispersion technology, which allowed us to achieve a toner with low-temperature fusing performance without sacrificing its heat durability.

Conventional (EA-Eco Toner)

Super EA-Eco Toner

Electron microscope images of conventional (EA-Eco Toner) and Fuji Xerox Super Emulsion Aggregation toner particles.

Solid Ink Technology

Solid Ink is an innovative, award winning colour printing technology available only from Fuji Xerox. It was invented in 1986 in the Tek Labs and first brought to market in 1991. Solid Ink generates up to 90% less printing waste than comparable colour laser printers and enables an incredibly low total cost of ownership. It is not only a viable, affordable option for those customers looking to add colour to their business documents, but it has also become a competitive force in the industry. Though Solid Ink technology originally was developed for the graphic arts market, it quickly appealed to general office users because of its simplicity and ease of use for everyone.

How do I know my toner is genuine?

Fuji Xerox builds intelligence into both its supplies and printers. This allows our printers to detect the status of the toner it is using, providing you with status updates, including confirmation whether your supplies are genuine.

Identifying genuine Fuji Xerox toners

✓  A unique serial number and barcode printed on each genuine Xerox Security Label

✓  The background changes to read: “GENUINE”, “VERITABLE”, “ORIGINAL” and “AUTHENTICO”
depending on which angle it is viewed at.

Label is a sample and used for illustration purposes only.

The Genuine Difference

Faded, streaky print results
Typical results when printed using non-genuine toner. Actual results may vary.

Vivid, sharp print output
Printed using genuine Fuji Xerox toner.

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