Hold on, wait, don't print that page!

When you click “print”, your document prints to your designated printer.  Three things can happen next:

  1. You collect your print job
  2. You go to the printer, it’s not working, so you print it again to another printer
  3. You answer the ‘phone, send your emails, go to the printer, can’t find it so resend the job to the same printer.  Your print job has ended up in two locations:
    1. In the recycling bin
    2. On somebody else’s desk

Options 2 and 3 wastes valuable time, paper and toner. And for option 3 let’s hope it wasn’t anything private or company confidential.

There is a better way

Many printers these days have a feature called SecurePrint, and it’s a simple and effective way to print smarter.  With SecurePrint you set up your PIN in your print driver, click “print”, and the job is held at the device until you’re standing in front of it and ready to collect it.  Enter your PIN on the control panel, choose which jobs you want to release (and which ones you want to delete), and you’re on your way.

You can take this a step further by choosing printers that have a Server-less On Demand feature.  Your print job is no longer held at one device, but up to five (as long as they all have the same feature).  Enter your PIN at any of the five devices, and you’re on your way.  The five devices could be upstairs/downstairs, building 1 or building 2, Brisbane or Perth, as long as they’re on the same network.

Finally if you want this feature to be available on more than five devices then you’ll need to invest in special software (and perhaps a server) that will manage the print traffic for you.

Your staff, and your bottom line, will love you

There is a reason why the recycling bin is located next to the printer or copier.  Walk around your office at the end of the day and see how many documents are lying uncollected in the copier output tray and you’ll see why.

So don’t print that job, hold it and collect it when you’re ready - your staff will be more productive, more efficient, and at the same time you’ll reduce costs on paper and toner.

Check with your reseller or give us a call to see if your current printers can support this feature.  You may already have it without even knowing!

Related Products

Most of the Fuji Xerox range from the DocuPrint CP405d (colour), DocuPrint P455d (mono) and up support the SecurePrint feature (some models may need extra memory or a hard drive fitted). The Server-less On-Demand feature is an option for the DocuPrint CM415AP (colour), DocuPrint M465AP (mono), and DocuPrint 5105d (mono A3) models.

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