Smart@Work One Touch
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Cloud Service Hub

Cloud Service Hub connects you in a simple secure way to some of the world's most popular cloud services with your multifunction printer, personal computer or mobile tablet.


Cloud Service Hub

Print from, scan to, your cloud service

With the Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub you can print various types of file formats such as Microsoft Office stored in your cloud service or send scanned data to the cloud – simply and securely. The Fuji Xerox single sign-on feature gives you Smart@Work One Touch secure access to your web apps in the cloud – via your multifunction printer, personal computer or Smart phone / tablet.

The DocuPrint CP315 dw & CM315 z are shipped with 1 user license, 6 months subscription. This provides access to Fuji Xerox Cloud Service Hub which allows Smart@Work One Touch access to your listed cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive).


Cloud Service Hub Range


DocuPrint CM315 z


DocuPrint CP315 dw

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If you have purchased one of the models above you can register now for your Cloud Service Hub 6 month special offer subscription.

Select the link above to register for the 6 month bonus subscription. Please allow up to 30 days to complete your online registration. If you have an immediate need for access to the Cloud Service Hub, please call our customer support team and we can assist you to complete your registration on the phone.

Fuji Xerox Customer Support (Australia) 1800 811 177 (New Zealand) 0800 449 177.

The Cloud Service Hub offer is available from 1st December 2016.  

Key Benefits for you

  • Ease of use: The Cloud Service Hub once set up is easily accessible through the Print & Scan Hub on your personal computer or your Smart phone / tablet using the Fuji Xerox Print Utility.           
  • Easy to Locate Documents: Save time and effort by searching across multiple cloud services using one simple search function.
  • End to End Document Management: hardcopy document integration within  your business from capture, process, route, store and retrieval of documents.